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On the road

I'll be spending a lot of time on the road with various bands, as well as working on my solo project. I continuously update the dates on the 'TOUR' page, so take a look there and plan when we'll see each other at a gig!



2023 was a year filled with many enjoyable musical encounters through concerts all around Europe. 2024 will continue at a high pace and already includes many booked performances, mainly with the Nils Landgren Funk Unit celebrating its 30th anniversary, which we will commemorate with a new album recorded in Spain in February. The tour schedule will be updated regularly, of course! See you at the concerts!


4/4 at Sthlm Jazz

Absolutely excited to announce my performance on October 18th at the Stockholm Jazz Festival with my solo project "Ikiz 4/4". It promises to be a remarkable evening filled with visuals and brand-new tracks just for you. Let's meet in the heart of Stockholm at the festival – can't wait to see you there!

Facebook Event

Festival page/Tickets


A lot of new music...

This spring is a period when I release a lot of new music...

Please check out "Highland Mornings Vol.1" where I feature Concord Nkabinde & Gustav Lundgren as guests. These sunrise tracks were recorded in California during winter in January. 

I've also released the fourth Meh Met EP where I play the Aludu drum.

Link to the latest EP

Link to the Meh Met Youtube versions.


Meh Met EP nr 2

The second Meh Met EP "Aludu Flow" is out on all digital platforms.

Link below to the main platforms.

All the videos are also out as videos on my Youtube Channel. 

Link to videos

Next Meh Met EP release is on Oct 21st.

Please give my alias Meh Met a follow on your digital platform!



Amazon Music

Apple Music


Spring & Summer

The spring & summer is all about European gigs, mostly Germany & Sweden but also some visits to France, Switzerland & Italy.

Check out the tour schedule and I hope to see you at the gig!



I am very happy to present you my new album with my band Ikiz Cabin Crew.

Transit includes 20 tracks that I composed during the end of 2020 when all tours were canceled. We recorded it in Feb 2021 and here it is available on all digital platforms as well as on CD. LP will be available later this year.

Hope you enjoy it!

Get the CD here


Apple Music

Amazon Music


Album Cover.jpg

NLFU FEB 21-24

4 Shows are booked in Sweden with the

Nils Landgren Funk Unit. 

Let's FUNK!

Feb 21 & 22 - Valand, Göteborg

Feb 23 - Makeriet, örebro

Feb 24 - Katalin, Uppsala


Annual Restart in CA

Hello 2022! 

Finally I was able to visit Highland, California again to do the "annual restart" where I played a lot of drums prepared the upcoming gigs & recordings and also did some writing. 

Last year in January 2021 I could not travel over the Atlantic Ocean because of the strict rules so I had really missed being here in CA.

Here is a video I just uploaded on my Youtube channel with some different clips when I practiced for the upcoming work in Europe.

First gig after this trip will be in Istanbul on January 28th with Lahza & Kenan Dogulu.

You can find tickets here.

Wish U all a healthy 2022...


Cabin Crew single

Excited to share with you our 1st single "Disembark" from our upcoming album "Transit" with my band Ikiz Cabin Crew. Now out on all digital platforms, I hope you dig it. Have a lovely weekend!

Direct link to the following platforms:


Apple Music

Amazon Music


New Hoodie

The biggest passion after playing music is to produce fine merch for my label 

Stockholm Jazz Records.

This new Funk hoodie is something very special with the paisley pattern.

Check it out here

Photo by Ducati Girl


New "alias" release

As promised here is SOUL NAH, the second track under my alias name STOCKHOLMER.

The overall vibe, instrumentation & main structure is very different to my other projects and that is the reason I have this new alias with two more tracks coming up in the fall.  I hope you dig it!

Here are the links to the main platforms:


Apple Music



Alias Stockholmer

A new side project is born :)

I have made some new tracks with my Instagram alias STOCKHOLMER.

The first single is released and  3 more are scheduled for the upcoming months.

So if you dig ambient with a twist of electronica & organic percussion then you are much welcome to follow this alias" on several digital platforms. Here are a few:


Apple Music

Amazon Music


Cabin Crew @Gullbranna-
festivalen on July 9th

Very happy to join Gullbrannafestivalen once again where I have been with my solo project Ikiz 4/4, NLFU & Ida Sand before.

This time Cabin Crew will be a part of the streamed festival on the festivals Youtube page on July 9th at 22:00 (Swe time).

Enjoy our stremaed show with some new tracks from M/S Fladen in Stockholm!

Photo: Johan Bergmark

Ikiz 3 kopia.jpg

Gigs in June

Some gigs in Sweden & Germany are now official for the month of JUNE.

Check the TOUR section and see you online or at the gig!


Cabin Crew under process...

More than half of the new album is mixed and we are about to start up the work for the album design. I am planning a single release with the opening track in summer and hopefully a release in fall depending on how fast we are. Updates will come frequently :)

icc 30x30x300.png

Bloom & Ikiz
"Björkhagen Boogie"

Happy to be a part of the first single ever  released recorded with the technique made by Aloha Technology. 

Watch the video with the Swedish Rock Legend Conny Bloom HERE.

Save it on your Spotify playlist HERE.


Ikiz Cabin Crew
Live on Feb 25th

We have a live stream performance with the Cabin Crew on Feb 25th. We will play at Paviljongen, Stockholm and you can see the gig here local time 18:00. Join the gig and get to know the new staff member Manne Skafvenstedt on Keys!



There are a few live streams coming up,

don´t miss these gigs! 

All concerts will have a link shared on my facebook page 15 minutes prior to perfromance. 

Jan 29th 20:00 local time

Petter Bergander Trio @Fasching

Feb 4th 18:00

Magnus Lindgren Jazz by 4 @Paviljongen

Feb 25th 18:00

Ikiz Cabin Crew @Paviljongen

IMG_8985skiss .JPG


I made a visit to the old slaughter house in the south side of Stockholm with my black Yamaha kit to jam a little. My friend Mikael joined and shot some videos and they are now on my YouTube channel, check it out!


Gigs & merch...

Surprisingly there has been some touring done lately with different projects which has been great. I have updated some videos on Instagram with videos from Germany where I played last week. There are 2 gigs left in August, both with Conny Bloom and those gigs are in:

Jönköping 28th.

Halmstad 29th.

Check out the new oversized tee´s on Stockholm Jazz Records Instagram & on the homepage!



Hey guys! So with all canceled live gigs in public spaces during this crazy time there has been some other activities on Instagram, Facebook and other different sites.

I just did a "IKIZ 4/4" performance for Akbank Sanat online. On Friday May 8th we will play a concert from Stockholm Concert Hall with Magnus Lindgren & friends that you can watch online here.  So for the nearest future I´ll be drumming in the cyber world so please stay updated on these pages and stay safe out there!






A few years ago I met an incredible musician from Finland named Aki Rissanen. We met up in Helsinki to jam and started to record some basic ideas we came up with. On our second meeting we recorded this EP that now is out on all digital platforms.  

Here´s "IKIZAKI" with IKIZAKI.


Apple Music



Our 2nd single "Khaya" is out 

on all digital platforms, enjoy!


Apple music




This is something you don´t wanna miss if you´re nearby Bodrum, Turkey on September 14th. The first Stockholm Jazz Records festival in Turkey featuring Ebba Åsman Quartet! 



Check out our debut single "Larch" available 

on all digital platforms.


Apple music




New Turquoise photos with my favorite snare and clothes from Stockholm Jazz Records available in the gallery.

Photos: Mikael Silkeberg



The 4th solo project single is out,

both as audio & video.

It´s available on all digital platforms & Youtube.

The video was recorded in Hong Kong :)

Links to Spotify & Apple Music

Mong Kok.jpg


Such a huge honor to receive the 

"Musician of the year 2017" prize by the 

Swedish Radio!


Wishes from CA

Hope you've had a great start to the new year! I'm currently on my annual trip to California, where I'm laying down new beats, practicing, and preparing for the next 11 months. Sending warm wishes from California, and I look forward to seeing you in Spain in February with the Funk Unit!


London on Nov 17th

I'm eagerly anticipating the upcoming performance with Jasper and Alex at the Stone Nest in London on November 17th. Londoners, mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable evening! Your presence will make it even more special.

Tickets & Info

Sonic Brilliance (788 x 1400 px).jpg

Vol 2.

Volume 2 of Highland Mornings has just been released! I am thrilled to introduce my talented Italian friend Luca Aquino on trumpet, who plays beautifully on track #1. Track #2 features Bengan Jonasson, a dear companion on our tours with the Dan Reed Trio. You are cordially invited to experience this 2-track EP, which is now available at the following link: Highland Mornings Vol. 2

Vol 2 cover.jpg


We will tour in Finland with Hyperreal between March 22-25 and also record an album directly after our tour dates. 

We have some exiting festival gigs coming up in Summer 2023, hope to catch you there!

Tour dates

Image by Alex Inkiläinen

Calming Music

I've recorded several tracks on my tours & travels with the Aludu drum.

The first 3 tracks are out on all digital platforms under the alias Meh Met.

Two more EP releases coming up on Sep 30th & Oct 21st.

Have a listen to the sound of the Aludu drum! 



Amazon Music

Apple Music



The tour schedule is updated with some new gigs for the spring. 

Notice the 4 days at the A-trane in Berlin

between June 22-25 where I will play with the amazing Peter Weniger all four nights. We will feature Andreas Lang the first two nights and Josh Ginzburg the last two nights. 

I´ve played summer weeks at the A-trane before with various bands such as Nils Landgren Funk Unit, Don Grusin, Torsten Goods and I can tell you that June nights in Berlin are G R E A T! 

Hope to see you there!

Photo by Johan Bergmark 9.jpg

TRANSIT Presentation

Here is the 3 min presentation of the album TRANSIT with my band Ikiz Cabin Crew.

The album will be released March 4th on my label Stockholm Jazz Records.

Don't miss our shows in Sweden!

March 2nd at Makeriet, Örebro

March 3rd at Fasching, Stockholm

March 4th at Nefertiti, Gothenburg 


Cabin Crew Shows

Our new album "Transit" with Ikiz Cabin Crew will be released March 4th and we are playing 3 shows in Sweden to celebrate this.

Here are links for tickets to each place.

We want to see you on our gigs!

March 2 - Örebro

March 3 - Stockholm

March 4 - Göteborg

Ikiz 3 kopia.jpg

"Take Off"
with Elk Live

My band Ikiz Cabin Crew used Elk Live and played together at three diferent locations.

Check out the full version off "Take-off" on a rehearsal version here.



My new track "917" is out today (Aug 20) 

on all digital platforms.

This is my fifth single solo project under "Ikiz" and as usual Sandra Mozard &

Gordon Cyrus have made the cover, and

Andy P the mix.

The video is due to be released on Aug 31st and is recorded with dancers, this time in Manhattan.

A track for all of you who like electronic music with acoustic drums!

Here are the links to the main platforms:


Apple Music

Amazon Music

IKIZ 917 V.1-01.JPG

August releases


Wanna give you heads up for new music that are 2 new releases with 2 different projects:

Aug 9th:

"Soul Nah" with my alias name "Stockholmer".This is the second track with the alias name.

Please follow artist links here:


Apple Music


Aug 20th:

"917" under my usual name Ikiz.

This single will also be released as a video that was recorded in New York City. 

Artist links for Ikiz:


Apple Music


917 Cover

Thanks for your votes on Instagram regarding the single cover for my next solo project track. 

"917" will be released in two different dates:

Aug 20th: Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music etc.

Aug 31st: Youtube (video recorded in NYC)


Hallshuk Jazz 2021

We are back on July 15th (after a break in 2020) for a musical evening in Hallshuk. 

2021 will be the fifth edition and you will find info & tickets on this link.


New Photos

I had the opportunity to work with some great photographers lately so during the month of June there will be new photos on the Cabin Crew (by Johan Bergmark) and on myself around in Stockholm (by

Richard O´Reiley & Nevin Erdemli).

This one is by Richard O´Reiley


Nils Landgren Funk Unit-New album on May 28th

Our new album with the Funk Unit is on it´s way.

We recorded it in Stockholm the end of 2020. 

For now there are 2 singles released on the digital platforms so go have a listen and get a feel of what´s coming up on the 28th!

Link to Spotify


International Jazz Day

Was great fun to play some new material with the Funk Unit on International Jazz Day.

The half an hour gig was recorded in Stockholm at Kulturhuset and broadcasted in collaboration with UNESCO & Swedish House in Washington DC.

Here´s a snippet from my Instagram



Did you check out our live stream with the Cabin Crew? If not then go to IKIZTUBE and have a listen to a short mix with both old and new material. "Disembark" are for example a new track that will be in the new album with a planned release in September 2021. 


Ikiz Cabin Crew
in the studio

We have just spent some days with the

Cabin Crew in the wonderful Yardhouse Studio where we recorded a full length album.

My hope is to release the LP/album in September. Here´s a clip from the first days in the studio. 


Recap 2020

A 10 min video with moments from 2020 is

up in IKIZTUBE. You are welcome to subscribe on my channel! 


New Kit from Yamaha

As a proud endorser of Yamaha Drums I´m happy to announce the new videos that were recorded in Berlin in March. 

The "Stage Custom Hip" is wonderful to play on and I recommend it for all drummers in the drum community!

From the Yamaha Drum Channel

Video on my instagram


Nils Landgren & Yamaha

Thanks to a new technology Nils Landgren & I were able to play a 40 min impro set 670 km away from each other with almost no latency in the sound at all. The full set is available

here. Thanks to Nils for this special invitation, Yamaha & Elk Audio.

Skärmavbild 2020-07-04 kl. 00.58.49.png

Merch, clothes...

T-shirts, Sweaters, track suits, beanies, Hoodies etc etc etc are available on the

Stockholm Jazz Records page.

You will be amazed by the quality, just ask the music lovers who already wear products

from Stockholm Jazz Records :)

Notice that the Velour Tracksuit is exclusively sold by Slagverket Stockholm.



We are all going through a tough time right now during the Corona crisis. The gigs in Finland with Funk Unit, the tour in Estonia & Turkey with my Cabin Crew are all postponed. I will get back later with details about these concerts. 

Stay safe out there!



Very happy to join the Istanbul Agop family :)

I have already played them for a while with different band and setups and it´s very interesting to explore all the different models/series they have. Are you a drummer then Istanbul Agop is a MUST!

Photo: Mattias Boström


LENTO (video)

Here´s "Lento" with the Cabin Crew. 

"Lento" was released in 2017 on all digital audio platforms but first now the actual visuals from the session is online. Hope you like our "One Take" from the studio in Stockholm.

Skärmavbild 2019-10-03 kl. 21.57.03.png


The gig schedule is updated in the

"Tour" section. See you out there!



There´s some FINE merch waiting for you at



Summer 2019 will be spent in Europe with several projects & bands I play with.

New single release with my solo project in August and a debut release with the duo project ikiz / rydh in June. Full album recording with Ebba Åsman on my label 

Stockholm Jazz Records and mix/mastering for the upcoming album with Lahza so fun things happening all the time :)

Tour schedule is updated so have a look at those dates and see you at the gig!

Photo: Mikael Silkeberg



Yes I do have social media pages just like you :)





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