İKİZ CABIN CREW is based in Stockholm with 3 members.

The trio features Swedish musicians Jonne Bentlöv & Manne Skafvenstedt and

the instrumental setup includes Trumpet, Moog, Keyboards,

Drums & Electronics. 

Cabin Crew plays orginal music with a mix of organic/electronic sounds built on melodies & improvisation.

Our first full album "Transit" is due to be released in early 2022. The first single from the album "DISEMBARK" is out on all platforms. 

ON TIME & LENTO are singles released earlier with the previous Cabib Crew, click on each title for a Spotify link. 

Enjoy a 15 min mix from a concert we did in Feb 2021 in Stockholm, direct link here.

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IKIZ 4/4

Ikiz solo prject is a razor sharp minimalistic landscape of organic electronic head bopping, booty shaking stew of hypnotizing hybrid music where deep house meets techno and drum´n bass meets creamy funkness. 

As one of the most hired drummers in Europe there´s no doubt that every released track with Ikiz has interesting rythmical flavors and as a live act this is a must for a club with a dancefloor. 

If you haven´t heard electro music with organic drums then here it is.

Check out this new project of Ikiz with so far 5 tracks released; "917"

"Close Shave",  "Detours", "Hamra" & 

"Mong Kok"



"Lahza" meens "a blink of an eye" that small moment which connects people...


"Lahza" connects improvisation and composed music with flavors from Turkish & Swedish music to jazz in a big world of different organic and electronic sounds. Every thing happens in one moment like a blink of an eye.

The music is written by both members but the duo likes to present newly arranged folk songs from Sweden and Turkey as well.