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İKİZ CABIN CREW is based in Stockholm with 3 members.

The trio features Swedish musicians Jonne Bentlöv & Manne Skafvenstedt and

the instrumental setup includes Trumpet, Synthesizers, drums & electronics. 

Cabin Crew plays original music written by Ikiz. 

Ikiz and his Cabin Crew is a dynamic trio with a very personal sound that mix organic/electronic sounds built on melodies & improvisation.

The 43 min long journey "Transit" with a total of 20 original tracks was released in March 2022 on all digital platforms as well on CD. See links below.

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I worked on all the tracks, beats & melodies on TRANSIT during the second half of 2020 when all tours & gigs got canceled. 

My concept was crystal clear when it came to the style and the length of the songs. I wanted many tracks on the album but to keep every single track short. We produced the album together and the 20 tracks became a 43 min long journey.

Listen to Transit on:







Experience Ikiz Cabin Crew live on stage.

Let the band take you on a journey with their original sound & compositions.

Check out some live examples:

15 min from Stockholm

Stream for Gullbrannafestivalen

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Get in touch with Ikiz Cabin Crew.

Simply go to this page and fill out the form.

Make sure you CHECK IN every column, have a safe journey!

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