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IKIZ 4/4

Ikiz solo prject is a razor sharp minimalistic landscape of organic electronic head bopping, booty shaking stew of hypnotizing hybrid music where deep house meets techno and drum´n bass meets creamy funkness. 

As one of the most hired drummers in Europe there´s no doubt that every released track with Ikiz has interesting rythmical flavors and as a live act this is a must for a club with a dancefloor. 

If you haven´t heard electro music with organic drums then here it is.

Check out this new project of Ikiz with so far 5 tracks released; "917"

"Close Shave",  "Detours", "Hamra" & 

"Mong Kok"

7 “NLFU” Heilbronn. _Photo_ _gudinlaurent _#drum.jpg


Every single that has been released have also a video recorded in different parts of the world with talented dancers from different cultures.

Check out the videos here:

917 - New York

Mong Kok - Hong Kong

Hamra - Beirut

Détours - Paris

Close Shave - Los Angeles

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